Payment & Security

Billing Information

When placing an order you will be required to provide a billing address where the payment card is registered. This must be the address registered with your bank, building society or card provider. If this is not the address to which you want your order shipped you will have the option to specify a separate delivery address.

Under certain circumstances we may require additional verification before we agree to process an order. This can include requesting a copy of your credit or debit card (front and back) which can be submitted to us electronically. Should your order require additional verification we will contact you via the email address you provided when placing your order.

When placing an order you will receive an electronic confirmation to the email address you provided. This is automatically generated and does not constitute our final acceptance of your order, or an obligation on our part to sell you any goods.

If for any reason we reject your order or are unable to fulfil it we will attempt to contact you using the email address you provided.

What should I do if my card is declined?

We have no control over error messages stating that your card has been declined; if you receive such a message you should contact your bank to find out why. It could be due to a spending limit (sometimes in place on certain cards for online transactions) or your account not having sufficient funds for the order.

Your card may also be declined if there are discrepancies between the billing address you provided to us and what your bank has on file. Please check that your bank has the same details that you give to us to prevent this from occurring.

We reserve the right to cancel/refuse to process an order where the card billing address cannot be verified.